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rabat a plain, black, false shirt front worn with a clerical collar by some clergymen.
rabbet a slot or groove cut into the edge of a board, frame, or the like, to receive a projecting edge of another piece so that the two fit together. [5 definitions]
rabbi in Judaism, a cleric having the responsibilities of leading a local congregation, teaching, and supervising rituals such as weddings. [3 definitions]
rabbinate the office or profession of a rabbi. [2 definitions]
Rabbinic of or designating the post-Biblical Hebrew language, as used by rabbis in the Middle Ages.
rabbinical of or pertaining to rabbis or their doctrines, schooling, language, and the like.
rabbit any of a variety of long-eared, short-tailed, furry burrowing mammals, including the hare and the cottontail. [2 definitions]
rabbit ears (informal) an indoor television antenna consisting of a plastic base and two extendable, swiveling, vertical rods.
rabbit fever see "tularemia."
rabbit punch a short, sharp punch to the back of the neck.
rabbit's foot the hind foot of a rabbit, sometimes carried as a good luck charm.
rabble1 a confused and uncontrolled crowd; disorderly mob. [3 definitions]
rabble2 a tool or device used in a furnace to stir or mix molten metals or to skim off impurities. [2 definitions]
rabble-rouser one who stirs up the emotions or prejudices of a mob; demagogue; agitator.
rabid of or pertaining to rabies or to one infected with rabies. [3 definitions]
rabies an infectious viral disease of mammals usu. transmitted by the bite of an infected animal, causing inflammation of the central nervous system that results in violent and irrational behavior followed by death if not treated.
raccoon a nocturnal North American mammal having brownish gray fur, masklike black facial markings, and black rings around the tail. [2 definitions]
raccoon dog a small wild dog of Asia that has long loose fur, a short thick tail, and dark markings around the eyes resembling those of a raccoon.
race1 a competition in which one wins by being the fastest. [8 definitions]
race2 a human population sharing certain common hereditary physical features. [5 definitions]
race-baiting engaging in verbal abuse of members of another race, esp. in front of a group of people of one's own race in order to agitate and sway.