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race1 a competition in which one wins by being the fastest. [8 definitions]
race2 a human population sharing certain common hereditary physical features. [5 definitions]
race-baiting engaging in verbal abuse of members of another race, esp. in front of a group of people of one's own race in order to agitate and sway.
racecar an automobile used in auto racing.
racecourse a track or route along which races are run.
racehorse a horse trained or bred for racing.
raceme in botany, a type of flowering in which blooms occur on short stalks extending from the main axis of the stem.
racemic of a chemical compound, containing equal quantities of isomers that rotate polarized light to the left and right, so that the net effect is zero.
racer a person who takes part in races. [3 definitions]
race riot widespread violence or destruction in a community that arises from racial conflict or hatred.
racerunner any of several fast-moving long-tailed American lizards.
racetrack a track or course used for racing.
raceway a narrow artificial channel for water; millrace. [2 definitions]
rachis the central axis or shaft of an inflorescence of a compound leaf. [3 definitions]
rachitis inflammation of the spine; rickets.
racial characteristic of a single race or of particular races of people. [2 definitions]
racialism the adherence to or practice of racism.
racing the sport of competing with others to be the fastest, esp. in driving a car or riding a horse.
racing form a printed sheet or booklet containing information about the horses running at one or several racetracks.
racism the theory or opinion that a certain race is superior to another or others because of certain inborn characteristics. Racism can underlie the beliefs and actions of both individuals and institutions, as well as those of a society as a whole. [3 definitions]
racist implying, espousing, or believing in the notion that one race of human beings, typically the race holding the most power and wealth within a society, is superior to another or others. [7 definitions]