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racing form a printed sheet or booklet containing information about the horses running at one or several racetracks.
racism the theory or opinion that a certain race is superior to another or others because of certain inborn characteristics. Racism can underlie the beliefs and actions of both individuals and institutions, as well as those of a society as a whole. [3 definitions]
racist implying, espousing, or believing in the notion that one race of human beings, typically the race holding the most power and wealth within a society, is superior to another or others. [7 definitions]
rack1 a frame or structure used to hold or display various items. [9 definitions]
rack2 destruction; ruin.
rack3 one of two fast horse's gaits, either single-foot or pace. [2 definitions]
rack4 a thin group of clouds moving in the wind. [2 definitions]
rack5 to drain off (wine, cider, or the like) from the dregs.
rack6 the rib or neck cut of lamb, veal, or the like.
racket1 loud and irritating noise; din. [3 definitions]
racket2 a tight net strung on a light, usu. oval frame with a long handle, used to hit the ball in games such as tennis. [3 definitions]
racketeer a person involved in an organization that carries out illegal activities such as fraud and extortion.
racketeering the crime or practice of conducting a business that engages in illegal activity, as, for example, extortion, counterfeiting, and fraud.
rackety making or causing a racket; noisy. [2 definitions]
rack-rent exorbitantly high annual rent, equal or nearly equal to the full value of the property. [2 definitions]
raclette a Swiss dish consisting of melted cheese served with boiled potatoes and small sour pickles. [2 definitions]
raconteur one who is talented in storytelling.
racquet variant of racket2.
racquetball a game played by two or four players in a walled court, with small strung rackets for hitting a rubber ball against the walls.
racy characterized by sexual suggestiveness; off-color; bawdy. [2 definitions]
rad a unit of energy of absorbed radiation equal to one hundred ergs per gram of material.