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rackety making or causing a racket; noisy. [2 definitions]
rack-rent exorbitantly high annual rent, equal or nearly equal to the full value of the property. [2 definitions]
raclette a Swiss dish consisting of melted cheese served with boiled potatoes and small sour pickles. [2 definitions]
raconteur one who is talented in storytelling.
racquet variant of racket2.
racquetball a game played by two or four players in a walled court, with small strung rackets for hitting a rubber ball against the walls.
racy characterized by sexual suggestiveness; off-color; bawdy. [2 definitions]
rad a unit of energy of absorbed radiation equal to one hundred ergs per gram of material.
radar a means of discovering the position, range, and velocity of distant objects by timing the return of high frequency radio waves bounced off their surfaces and analyzing the direction of this return. [2 definitions]
radar beacon a device at a fixed location that emits radar waves, often only when activated by a specific radar pulse.
radarscope a monitor on which radar signals are viewed.
radial of or pertaining to a radius. [7 definitions]
radial engine an internal combustion engine in which the cylinders are arranged around a central shaft, formerly used to power propeller-driven aircraft.
radial saw a power tool consisting of a circular saw suspended from a pivoted horizontal arm; radial arm saw.
radial tire a tire with ply cords at right angles to the center line of the tread.
radian a unit of angular measure. One radian is defined as the angle that is formed when two radii of a circle cut a slice of the circumference that is equal in length to the radius.
radiance the quality of being radiant or bright. [2 definitions]
radiant emitting heat or rays of light. [3 definitions]
radiant energy energy transmitted by waves, such as electromagnetic radiation or heat.
radiant flux the rate at which radiant energy such as heat or light flows through a given area.
radiate to send forth rays or waves, as of heat or electromagnetic radiation. [8 definitions]