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radarscope a monitor on which radar signals are viewed.
radial of or pertaining to a radius. [7 definitions]
radial engine an internal combustion engine in which the cylinders are arranged around a central shaft, formerly used to power propeller-driven aircraft.
radial saw a power tool consisting of a circular saw suspended from a pivoted horizontal arm; radial arm saw.
radial tire a tire with ply cords at right angles to the center line of the tread.
radian a unit of angular measure. One radian is defined as the angle that is formed when two radii of a circle cut a slice of the circumference that is equal in length to the radius.
radiance the quality of being radiant or bright. [2 definitions]
radiant emitting heat or rays of light. [3 definitions]
radiant energy energy transmitted by waves, such as electromagnetic radiation or heat.
radiant flux the rate at which radiant energy such as heat or light flows through a given area.
radiate to send forth rays or waves, as of heat or electromagnetic radiation. [8 definitions]
radiation the emission of particles or waves of energy, as by radioactive material or by electrical circuits or devices. [3 definitions]
radiationless combined form of radiation.
radiation sickness sickness induced by overexposure to ionizing radiation such as x-rays or gamma rays, resulting in nausea, diarrhea, bleeding, hair loss, sterility, and often death.
radiator a device, such as that in a car, consisting of tubes through which fluid coolant passes. [3 definitions]
radical of or relating to roots, origins, or fundamental characteristics; basic. [6 definitions]
radicalism the advocacy of radical political or social changes. [2 definitions]
radicalize to make or become radical, esp. in political or social ideas.
radical sign a mathematical sign placed before a quantity to indicate extraction of its root.
radicand in mathematics, the number, variable, or quantity under a radical sign.
radicchio a variety of chicory with slightly bitter, purplish red leaves that are used in salads.