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ragout a strongly seasoned stew of French origin. [2 definitions]
ragpicker a person who salvages and sells rags and other waste materials.
rag rug a rug made from woven or sewn strips of rags.
rags-to-riches used to describe a story in which someone starts out in life very poor and later becomes rich.
ragtag shaggy, unkempt, or decrepit; in poor condition; ramshackle.
ragtime a late nineteenth and early twentieth-century American musical form, having a syncopated melody and an accompaniment in two-four time, usu. written for the piano.
ragweed a weed of the daisy family that produces abundant airborne pollen in the fall.
ragwort any of several plants bearing yellow flowers and irregularly shaped leaves; groundsel.
rah hurrah (used to express pleasure or encouragement, esp. in cheering for a team).
rah-rah (informal) exhibiting uncritical enthusiasm, esp. in support of a competing team.
raid a sudden or surprise attack or assault, as by a military force. [7 definitions]
rail1 a horizontal bar that extends between two posts and serves as a barrier, fence, or the like. [4 definitions]
rail2 to denounce someone or something in harsh or abusive terms; condemn (usu. fol. by "against" or "at").
rail3 any of a number of marsh birds having brown plumage, short wings, and a lean body, found in many areas of the world.
railing a barrier or fence made of posts and rails. [3 definitions]
raillery good-natured ridicule or a remark featuring such ridicule; teasing.
railroad a road of parallel steel rails upon which railway cars travel. [5 definitions]
railroad crossing the place where one railroad track intersects another, or intersects a road at the same level; grade crossing.
railroader a person who works on or manages a railroad.
railroad flat an apartment in which the rooms are arranged in a row resembling a line of railroad cars, with no connecting corridor or hallway.
railroading the process of constructing and operating railroads.