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railroader a person who works on or manages a railroad.
railroad flat an apartment in which the rooms are arranged in a row resembling a line of railroad cars, with no connecting corridor or hallway.
railroading the process of constructing and operating railroads.
rail-splitter someone or something that splits logs into rails, esp. for fences.
railway a railroad system, esp. one operating over short distances using light equipment. [2 definitions]
raiment clothing; dress; apparel.
rain water vapor in the atmosphere that condenses and falls from the sky to earth. [8 definitions]
rainbow an arc in the sky containing the colors of the visible spectrum, which results from the shining of sunlight on water droplets during or after a rain. [2 definitions]
rainbow fish see "guppy." [2 definitions]
rainbow trout a widely distributed freshwater trout with a reddish longitudinal streak and dark spots.
rain cats and dogs to rain very heavily.
rain check a postponement of an accepted invitation or offer, esp. an assurance to a customer that a sale item that is sold out can be purchased later at the reduced price. [2 definitions]
raincoat a coat made of material that repels water.
raindrop a drop of rain.
rainfall a fall of rain. [2 definitions]
rainforest a dense forest of evergreens and heavy undergrowth in a tropical area that receives abundant rainfall throughout the year.
rain gauge an instrument that collects and measures the amount of rainfall in a specific time and place.
rainmaker one who causes or attempts to cause rain to fall, either by scientific or by magical methods.
rain or shine whether it rains or not. [2 definitions]
rainproof keeping rain out; unaffected by rain; waterproof. [2 definitions]
rain shadow the lee side of a mountainous barrier, which receives little or no precipitation.