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rancid having an unpleasant odor or taste because of the spoilage of fats or oils; stale. [2 definitions]
rancor bitter, continuing resentment; hatred.
rancorous feeling or showing bitter resentment; hateful.
rand1 in shoemaking, a piece of leather attached to the back of the sole before the heel is put on.
rand2 the chief monetary unit of South Africa, equaling one hundred cents.
R and B abbreviation of "rhythm and blues."
R and D abbreviation of "research and development."
random characterized by lack of pattern or predictability, or carried out or occurring in a way that cannot be predicted and without being based on any reason or purpose. [4 definitions]
random-access of a computer memory, allowing the retrieval of data directly, without regard to the sequence in which the data was input.
randomize to arrange or choose in random order, esp. for scientific purposes.
R and R abbreviation of "rest and recuperation." [2 definitions]
randy sexually aroused or lustful.
ranee variant of rani.
rang past tense of ring2.
range the extent or limits of possible variation. [20 definitions]
range finder any of various instruments used to determine the distance from the observer to a particular object or mark, as to sight a gun or focus a camera.
ranger a member of a security force employed to patrol a particular area, esp. a parkland or forest. [3 definitions]
Rangoon seaport city which was formerly the capital of Myanmar; Yangon.
rangy having long, slender limbs; tall and thin. [2 definitions]
rani a reigning Hindu princess or queen. [2 definitions]
rank1 the relative position of one person or group of persons to another in a hierarchy or society. [10 definitions]