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rarebit see "Welsh rabbit."
rare earth any oxide of a rare-earth metal. [2 definitions]
rare-earth metal any of the series of chemical elements, all metals, that have from fifty-seven to seventy-one protons per atom; lanthanide series.
rarefied belonging to a relatively small or select group. [3 definitions]
rarefy to make purer; refine. [4 definitions]
rarely infrequently; seldom. [3 definitions]
rarity something that is rare or unusual. [4 definitions]
rascal one who is unscrupulous or dishonest; villain; scoundrel. [2 definitions]
rascality mischievous behavior or character. [2 definitions]
rascally resembling or characteristic of a rascal; knavish; mischievous. [2 definitions]
rase to rub out; erase. [2 definitions]
rash1 reckless, ill-considered, or hasty. [2 definitions]
rash2 an eruption of the skin, often accompanied by inflammation or blisters. [2 definitions]
rasher a thin slice, or a serving of thin slices, of bacon or ham.
rasorial of birds such as chickens, given to scratching the ground for food.
rasp to rub with a rough surface or instrument such as a coarse file; scrape; abrade. [8 definitions]
raspberry any of a group of often prickly plants of the rose family. [4 definitions]
raspy rough and grating; harsh.
Rastafarian a member of a black Jamaican religious cult that regards the late emperor Haile Selassie as a messiah and Africa as the Promised Land to which all blacks will ultimately return. [2 definitions]
rat any of several long-tailed rodents that resemble but are larger than mice. [4 definitions]
ratable capable of being rated, appraised, or assessed. [2 definitions]