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reargument combined form of argument.
rearm to establish or help to establish an offensive military force again. [2 definitions]
rearmost farthest to the back or end; last.
rearousal combined form of arousal.
rearouse combined form of arouse.
rearrange to arrange in a different fashion. [2 definitions]
rearrangement combined form of arrangement.
rearrest combined form of arrest.
rearticulate combined form of articulate.
rearview mirror a mirror attached to a motor vehicle or bicycle in such a way that the driver can see the area to the rear.
rearward in or toward the rear.
reascend combined form of ascend.
reascent combined form of ascent.
reason a basis for explaining or justifying a belief, action, opinion, or event. [9 definitions]
reasonable in accordance with clear thinking and good judgment. [4 definitions]
reasoned marked by a process of reasoning.
reasoning the process of using reason to draw conclusions or make decisions based on a premise or known facts. [2 definitions]
reasonless without reason; senseless. [2 definitions]
reassemblage combined form of assemblage.
reassemble combined form of assemble.
reassembly combined form of assembly.