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reburial combined form of burial.
rebury combined form of bury.
rebus a puzzle that represents a word, phrase, sentence, or story with pictures in the places of many of the words or sounds.
rebut to prove false by means of contradictory evidence or argument; refute. [3 definitions]
rebuttal a statement or contention, as in a debate or legal case, that is intended to disprove or confute another.
rebuy combined form of buy.
rec the act or process of engaging in a relaxing or agreeable pastime; recreation.
rec. abbreviation of "recreation," the act or process of engaging in a relaxing or agreeable pastime.
recalcitrant stubbornly disobedient; refractory. [3 definitions]
recalculate to calculate again, esp. to check for errors.
recalculation combined form of calculation.
recalibrate combined form of calibrate.
recalibration combined form of calibration.
recall to bring to mind; remember. [6 definitions]
recallable combined form of recall.
recant to withdraw from commitment to (a former position or statement), esp. publicly; retract. [2 definitions]
recap1 to bond new tread onto (an old tire); retread. [2 definitions]
recap2 a brief rephrasing of an earlier report; summary. [2 definitions]
recapitalize to renew or revise the capital structure of (a corporation).
recapitulate to briefly review (the main points) of a spoken or written exchange or communication. [3 definitions]
recapitulation the act of recapitulating or state of being recapitulated. [3 definitions]