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reconsider to have a change of attitude and reverse (a decision or choice). [4 definitions]
reconsolidate combined form of consolidate.
reconstitute to put together or constitute again. [2 definitions]
reconstruct to make over or construct again. [2 definitions]
reconstructed made over again.
reconstruction the act or result of reconstructing. [2 definitions]
Reconstructionism a twentieth-century U.S. Jewish movement that stresses the cultural continuity of Judaism as a religion, and that encourages adaptation of religious observances to contemporary needs.
recontact combined form of contact.
recontaminate combined form of contaminate.
recontamination combined form of contamination.
recontour combined form of contour.
reconvene combined form of convene.
reconversion combined form of conversion.
reconvert to change back to a previously held but abandoned belief, status, or character.
reconvict combined form of convict.
reconviction combined form of conviction.
reconvince combined form of convince.
recopy combined form of copy.
record to put in writing or some other form as evidence. [15 definitions]
recordable combined form of record.
record changer a mechanical device on a record turntable that holds a stack of records and allows them to play one at a time; changer.