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recork combined form of cork.
recount to tell a history of events; relate; narrate. [2 definitions]
re-count to count again. [2 definitions]
recoup to regain, or recover an equivalent in value of, (something lost, stolen, or damaged). [2 definitions]
recoupable combined form of recoup.
recourse access to or the use of something for help, protection, or legal assistance. [3 definitions]
recover to get back or regain. [5 definitions]
re-cover to cover again.
recoverable combined form of recover.
recovery the act of receiving back that which had been lost or stolen. [3 definitions]
recovery room a specially equipped and staffed hospital room where patients recovering from anesthesia after surgery can be closely monitored.
recreant not faithful to a cause or set of principles; disloyal. [4 definitions]
recreate to renew or refresh oneself through relaxing pursuits. [2 definitions]
re-create to create again; reproduce.
recreation engagement in relaxing or agreeable activities. [2 definitions]
re-creation the act or process of creating afresh. [2 definitions]
recreational vehicle a vehicle that is equipped with living quarters and is used for leisure travel.
recreation room a room or hall, as in a camp, school, or residential institution, that is used for recreational or social activities; rec room.
recriminate to react to an accusation with a countercharge. [2 definitions]
recrimination an accusation made in response to being accused by another, or the act of countering one accusation with another.
recross combined form of cross.