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redcap a baggage porter, esp. in a railway station.
red carpet a red strip of carpet rolled out for visiting dignitaries. [2 definitions]
red cedar either of two types of evergreen tree with red wood, one of the eastern United States and one of the west. [2 definitions]
red cent (informal) a penny as a symbol of insignificance.
redcoat a British soldier in colonial America, esp. during the American Revolution.
Red Cross an international organization devoted to providing medical care during war and natural disasters.
red deer a deer of Europe and Asia with a reddish summer coat.
redden to become red. [3 definitions]
red dwarf a small star with relatively low surface heat and weak luminosity.
rededicate combined form of dedicate.
rededication combined form of dedication.
redeem to pay off (a debt). [7 definitions]
redeemable able to be redeemed. [2 definitions]
redeeming compensatory; off-setting.
redefect combined form of defect.
redeliver combined form of deliver.
redelivery combined form of delivery.
redemption the act of redeeming or the state of being redeemed. [5 definitions]
redeploy to move (troops) from one combat zone to another.
redeposit combined form of deposit.
redetermination combined form of determination.