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reefer2 (slang) a marijuana cigarette.
reef knot a square knot used to reef sails; flat knot.
reek a strong and unpleasant odor. [3 definitions]
reel1 a cylinder, spool, or the like that usu. turns on an axis, and on which cord, wire, tape, film, or the like can be wound. [4 definitions]
reel2 to waver or be thrown back. [6 definitions]
reel3 a lively folk dance of Scottish origin, or the music that accompanies it.
reelect to be chosen again by means of voting; to elect again.
reeligibility combined form of eligibility.
reeligible combined form of eligible.
reel off say or recite quickly and fluently.
reel-to-reel designating a tape recorder on which tape is wound from one reel to another.
reemerge combined form of emerge.
reemergence combined form of emergence.
reemission combined form of emission.
reemit combined form of emit.
reemphasis combined form of emphasis.
reemphasize combined form of emphasize.
reemploy combined form of employ.
reemployment combined form of employment.
reencounter combined form of encounter.
reendow combined form of endow.