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refection refreshment of body, mind, or spirit, esp. after hunger or fatigue. [2 definitions]
refectory an institutional dining hall, as in a monastery or a college.
refeed combined form of feed.
refeel combined form of feel.
refence combined form of fence.
refer to point to something, or say something about, in speech or writing; speak of; allude. [5 definitions]
referable combined form of refer.
referee one to whom a matter is referred for decision. [4 definitions]
reference the act or process of referring. [7 definitions]
reference book a book that is a source of information. Dictionaries and encyclopedias are reference books.
reference library a library, or part of a library, containing books that must be used on the premises.
referendum the submission of a legislative measure to a vote by the general public, or the vote thus taken.
referent anything in the real world or in the imagination that is symbolized or referred to by a word or other symbol.
referential having reference or containing a reference to something.
referral an act, process, or instance of referring. [2 definitions]
referred pain pain felt in a different part of the body from that in which it originates.
refight combined form of fight.
refigure combined form of figure.
refill to fill again. [2 definitions]
refillable combined form of refill.
refinance to obtain additional money or credit from. [2 definitions]