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refurnish combined form of furnish.
refusal the act or an instance of refusing. [2 definitions]
refuse1 to decline to accept or give. [3 definitions]
refuse2 material considered to be waste or otherwise worthless; garbage; rubbish. [2 definitions]
refusenik a citizen of the former Soviet Union who was denied permission to emigrate.
refute to demonstrate the falseness or error of; disprove. [2 definitions]
reg.1 abbreviation of "regular."
reg.2 abbreviation of "registered."
reg.3 abbreviation of "regulation."
regain to win or gain back, as after loss. [2 definitions]
regal of, pertaining to, or suitable for royalty; royal. [2 definitions]
regale to entertain or delight, as with humorous tales. [3 definitions]
regalia the distinguishing decorations or symbols of any organization, position, or office. [3 definitions]
regard to consider with a particular attitude or feeling. [8 definitions]
regardful paying attention or being observant (often fol. by "of"). [2 definitions]
regarding with respect to; concerning.
regardless lacking regard, heed, or mindfulness. [2 definitions]
regather combined form of gather.
regatta a boat race or planned series of such races, esp. of sailing vessels.
regear combined form of gear.
regency a person or group that governs in place of a disabled or underage ruler, or the office and authority of such a person or group. [3 definitions]