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regular normal or customary. [12 definitions]
regularize to cause to be regular.
regularly at fixed intervals of time. [2 definitions]
regulate to control or direct by means of a rule or method. [3 definitions]
regulation a principle, rule, or law designed to regulate behavior or conduct. [3 definitions]
regulator a person or thing that regulates. [2 definitions]
regulatory pertaining to or having the purpose of making or enforcing regulations.
Regulus a blue-white binary star in the constellation Leo, having a combined magnitude of 1.3.
regurgitate to surge or pour back or out, esp. from of a place of containment, as gases, liquids, or undigested food. [3 definitions]
regurgitation the bringing up of partly digested food from the stomach.
rehab (informal) rehabilitation. [2 definitions]
rehabilitate to restore to good health or to an otherwise improved state of being. [2 definitions]
rehabilitation the act or rehabilitating or the condition of having been rehabilitated.
rehang combined form of hang.
rehash to rework or present as new (old arguments, previous creations, or the like) without producing anything new. [2 definitions]
rehear to hear or consider (a court case) again.
rehearsal the act, process, or occasion of practicing for a public presentation or performance, as of a play, concert, or the like. [2 definitions]
rehearse to practice (a speech, play, musical composition, or the like) in order to make perfect for presentation. [4 definitions]
reheat to heat or make warm again.
rehinge combined form of hinge.
rehire combined form of hire.