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reinstitute combined form of institute.
reinstitutionalization combined form of institutionalization.
reinter combined form of inter.
reinterview combined form of interview.
reintroduce to introduce again.
reintroduction combined form of introduction.
reinvade combined form of invade.
reinvasion combined form of invasion.
reinvestigate combined form of investigate.
reinvestigation combined form of investigation.
reinvigorate combined form of invigorate.
reinvigoration combined form of invigoration.
reinvigorator combined form of invigorator.
reis a plural form of real3.
reiterate to say again.
reject to refuse to accept, grant entry to, acknowledge, or act upon. [5 definitions]
rejection the act of rejecting or state of being rejected. [2 definitions]
rejection slip a brief note from a publisher rejecting work submitted for publication.
rejoice to be joyful or take great pleasure (sometimes fol. by "in" or "at"). [2 definitions]
rejoin1 to join again, as with another person, group, or organization. [3 definitions]
rejoin2 to say in reply or response. [3 definitions]