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rejoin1 to join again, as with another person, group, or organization. [3 definitions]
rejoin2 to say in reply or response. [3 definitions]
rejoinder a response to a reply; retort. [2 definitions]
rejudge combined form of judge.
rejuggle combined form of juggle.
rejuvenate to restore the vigor, health, or appearance of youth to.
rekindle to start the burning of (something) again. [2 definitions]
reknit combined form of knit.
relabel combined form of label.
relacquer combined form of lacquer.
relandscape combined form of landscape.
relapse to revert, esp. to a former negative condition, habit, or mode of conduct. [4 definitions]
relate to see or establish a connection or association with (fol. by "to" or "with"). [6 definitions]
related associated; connected. [2 definitions]
relation an association or connection between or among things. [6 definitions]
relational of, pertaining to, or expressing a relation or relations.
relations the ways that people, groups, or nations communicate or act with each other.
relationship the condition or fact of being associated or connected. [2 definitions]
relative a person who is related to others through blood or marriage. [6 definitions]
relative clause in grammar, a dependent clause that modifies the word or word group that precedes it, such as "who lives in that house" in "I know the man who lives in that house."
relative humidity the amount of moisture present in the air compared to the maximum amount the air could hold at the same temperature.