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repulse to force backward or repel (an attack or the like). [4 definitions]
repulsion the act of repelling, or the condition of being repelled. [2 definitions]
repulsive prompting disgust or aversion; distasteful. [2 definitions]
repunctuation combined form of punctuation.
repurchase combined form of purchase.
repurify combined form of purify.
reputable having a good reputation. [2 definitions]
reputation the estimation or level of respect in which a person is held by others. [3 definitions]
repute reputation. [3 definitions]
reputed generally supposed or assumed.
reputedly according to popular belief; supposedly.
request the act of asking for something, or the wish that is expressed. [5 definitions]
requiem (cap.) in the Catholic Church, a special ceremony for a dead person. [2 definitions]
requiem shark any of several mostly tropical, voracious sharks such as the tiger shark.
requiescat in pace (Latin) may he or she rest in peace (used as a wish or prayer for the dead).
require to need. [4 definitions]
required having to be done; demanded; not optional.
requirement something that is absolutely needed; necessity. [2 definitions]
requisite required or essential. [2 definitions]
requisition a formal authorization for goods or services. [5 definitions]
requite to return in kind; give or feel in return. [3 definitions]