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requiem (cap.) in the Catholic Church, a special ceremony for a dead person. [2 definitions]
requiem shark any of several mostly tropical, voracious sharks such as the tiger shark.
requiescat in pace (Latin) may he or she rest in peace (used as a wish or prayer for the dead).
require to need. [4 definitions]
required having to be done; demanded; not optional.
requirement something that is absolutely needed; necessity. [2 definitions]
requisite required or essential. [2 definitions]
requisition a formal authorization for goods or services. [5 definitions]
requite to return in kind; give or feel in return. [3 definitions]
reraise combined form of raise.
reread combined form of read.
rereading combined form of reading.
rerecord combined form of record.
reredos a decorated screen or wall behind an altar in a church.
reregister combined form of register.
reregistration combined form of registration.
reregulate combined form of regulate.
reregulation combined form of regulation.
rerelease combined form of release.
reremind combined form of remind.
rerepeat combined form of repeat.