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reserve to hold back or save for later use. [8 definitions]
re-serve to serve again.
reserve clause a condition in some professional sports contracts that provides for a one-year extension at the team owner's option.
reserved put aside or held for a specific purpose. [2 definitions]
reserved powers under the U.S. Constitution, those powers not delegated to the U.S. federal government, which are therefore, unless prohibited by the Constitution, reserved for the states and the people.
reservice combined form of service.
reservist a person who belongs to a country's military reserves.
reservoir a place where water is collected and stored, esp. to supply a community or for agricultural purposes. [3 definitions]
reset to set or regulate again. [5 definitions]
resettlement combined form of settlement.
resew combined form of sew.
resh the name of the twentieth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
reshape to give a different shape, form, or structure to.
reshingle combined form of shingle.
reship to ship or send again. [4 definitions]
reshoe combined form of shoe.
reshoot combined form of shoot.
reshuffle to shuffle again. [3 definitions]
reside to occupy a place for an extended period of time; dwell. [2 definitions]
residence a house or any other place where one lives; dwelling. [3 definitions]
residency residence. [2 definitions]