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reshoe combined form of shoe.
reshoot combined form of shoot.
reshuffle to shuffle again. [3 definitions]
reside to occupy a place for an extended period of time; dwell. [2 definitions]
residence a house or any other place where one lives; dwelling. [3 definitions]
residency residence. [2 definitions]
resident a person who resides in a particular place. [6 definitions]
residential of or relating to residence, a residence, or residences. [2 definitions]
residual remaining behind as a residue; left over. [3 definitions]
residuary of or having the nature of a residue or remainder; residual. [2 definitions]
residue a substance or quantity that remains after a part has been removed or after a process has been completed. [2 definitions]
residuum the remainder of something after a part is removed; residue. [2 definitions]
resign to terminate a period of employment, esp. by formal notification (often fol. by "from"). [5 definitions]
re-sign to sign again.
resignation the giving up of a job, office, or other position, or a formal letter of intent to do so. [2 definitions]
resigned characterized by an attitude of submission or passive acceptance.
resilience the ability to resume shape after being pressed or stretched. [2 definitions]
resilient able to resume shape after being pressed or stretched; elastic. [2 definitions]
resin a sticky organic substance secreted by fir trees and certain other plants and used mainly to make plastics, medicines, and varnishes. [3 definitions]
resiniferous yielding resin, as certain trees.
resinous pertaining to, like, or full of resin.