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resource a source of aid, support, or other reinforcement. [4 definitions]
resourceful capable of dealing with difficult situations quickly and imaginatively.
respect a detail, point, or aspect (usu. prec. by in). [7 definitions]
respectability the condition or quality of having a good reputation and social standing.
respectable displaying good breeding, manners, or character. [4 definitions]
respected held in honorable esteem or admiration. [2 definitions]
respectful having or showing respect or politeness.
respecting with regard to; concerning.
respective relating individually to each of two or more persons or things.
respectively with regard to each of two or more persons or things in the order named.
respell to spell again or in another way, such as in a phonetic system.
respiration the act of breathing. [2 definitions]
respirator a filtering device worn over a person's nose and mouth to keep impurities in the air from being taken into the lungs. [2 definitions]
respiratory of, relating to, or used in respiration.
respiratory system the system that brings oxygen to the body. It is made up of the lungs, diaphragm, windpipe, and nasal passages.
respire to breathe in air and then exhale it. [3 definitions]
respiritualize combined form of spiritualize.
respite a period of rest, esp. from something difficult or unpleasant. [4 definitions]
resplendence the state or quality of being resplendent.
resplendent full of splendor; radiant; shining.
respond to give a reply, in words or otherwise. [3 definitions]