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restamp combined form of stamp.
restart to cause (something) to begin afresh or to begin operating again. [5 definitions]
restate to state again or in a different way.
restaurant a place of business where meals are prepared and served to customers.
restaurateur the owner or manager of a restaurant.
rested having had enough sleep or relaxation.
restful offering or giving rest. [2 definitions]
rest home a residence that provides care for convalescents or elderly persons; nursing home.
restimulate combined form of stimulate.
restimulation combined form of stimulation.
resting not in motion; pausing for rest.
restitution the act of restoring an object to its rightful owner. [2 definitions]
restive unable to remain at rest; impatient or ill at ease, esp. under restraint. [2 definitions]
restless displaying an inability to rest. [5 definitions]
rest mass the mass of a body when at rest.
restock combined form of stock.
restoke combined form of stoke.
rest on one's laurels to be content with past achievements and not interested in striving further.
restoration the act or process of restoring. [5 definitions]
restorative relating to restoration. [3 definitions]
restore to bring back into use or existence. [5 definitions]