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restless displaying an inability to rest. [5 definitions]
rest mass the mass of a body when at rest.
restock combined form of stock.
restoke combined form of stoke.
rest on one's laurels to be content with past achievements and not interested in striving further.
restoration the act or process of restoring. [5 definitions]
restorative relating to restoration. [3 definitions]
restore to bring back into use or existence. [5 definitions]
restrain to hold back or keep in check. [3 definitions]
re-strain to strain again.
restrainable combined form of restrain.
restrained showing or marked by restraint; not yielding to excess or extremity.
restrainer someone or something that restrains.
restraint the act or process of restraining oneself or others. [4 definitions]
restraint of trade restriction on the free flow of commercial goods, as by monopoly, price fixing, and other practices, in order to reduce competition.
restrengthen combined form of strengthen.
restress combined form of stress.
restrict to keep within limits; set bounds to; confine.
restricted limited or confined within a certain sphere. [2 definitions]
restriction something that limits, confines, or restricts. [2 definitions]
restrictionism the policy of supporting restriction or limitation, as of trade, immigration, use of land, or the like.