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restudy combined form of study.
restuff combined form of stuff.
restyle combined form of style.
resubmission combined form of submission.
resubmit combined form of submit.
result to occur or happen as the outcome of action. [6 definitions]
resultant following as a conclusion or consequence. [3 definitions]
resultingly as a consequence.
resultless combined form of result.
résumé a summary. [2 definitions]
resume to start or go on with again after an interruption. [4 definitions]
resummon combined form of summon.
resumption the act or fact of resuming something following a pause or interruption.
resumptive tending to repeat or resume.
resurface to provide or cover with a new surface. [2 definitions]
resurge to rise again or come back to life. [2 definitions]
resurgence the act or an instance of rising again or returning with a forceful motion.
resurgent surging or rising once again; coming back.
resurrect to restore to life or good standing; raise out of death or disrepute. [3 definitions]
resurrection a return to life after death. [4 definitions]
resurrection plant any of several plants, such as the rose of Jericho, that curl up during dry periods and expand and become green again when they get water.