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retain to maintain possession or use of. [4 definitions]
retainer1 a domestic servant or household employee. [2 definitions]
retainer2 a fee paid in advance to obtain professional advice, esp. legal advice.
retaining wall a wall that is built to hold a mass of earth or water in place.
retake to take back again; repossess; recapture. [5 definitions]
retaliate to strike back; take revenge. [2 definitions]
retaliation the act of striking back or taking revenge.
retard to cause (growth, development, or the like) to be slow or incomplete; stunt. [3 definitions]
retardant something that retards or delays, such as a substance that reduces the speed of a chemical reaction. [2 definitions]
retardate a person who is mentally retarded.
retardation (sometimes considered offensive) slowness or deficiency in mental, physical, or emotional growth. [4 definitions]
retarded (outdated; no longer in scientific use; often considered offensive) comparatively slow or deficient in intellectual growth. [2 definitions]
retarget combined form of target.
retaste combined form of taste.
retch to attempt to vomit, or to come to the point of vomiting without actually doing so.
reteach to teach again.
retell to tell again, esp. a story or account.
retention the act or process of retaining. [2 definitions]
retentive having the ability to retain. [2 definitions]
retexture combined form of texture.
rethink to think over or consider again. [2 definitions]