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revanchism the policy of a nation or vanquished people to aggressively regain territories that have been lost.
reveal to disclose or make known. [2 definitions]
revealable combined form of reveal.
reveille a call sounded early in the morning to waken or alert people, esp. a bugle call for troops to assemble.
revel to feel great pleasure; rejoice (usu. fol. by "in"). [3 definitions]
revelation the act of revealing. [4 definitions]
revelator one who makes a revelation.
revelatory of the nature of a revelation. [2 definitions]
revelry noisy merrymaking; reveling.
revenant a person who has returned after death or after a long absence.
revenge to give punishment or demand atonement for (a wrong); take vengeance for; requite. [5 definitions]
revengeful filled with the desire to retaliate; full of revenge.
revenue income obtained from investment or property. [4 definitions]
revenuer (informal) a Treasury Department agent, esp. one who is assigned to combat illegal liquor operations.
revenue stamp a stamp that indicates a tax has been paid, as on a bottle of liquor.
reverb a device for simulating sound reverberation, as in playing or recording electronically amplified music, or the sound so produced.
reverberant resounding or echoing; resonant.
reverberate of sound, to be reflected again and again; echo; resound. [2 definitions]
reverberation the continuation of a sound after the source of the sound has been cut off. [2 definitions]
revere1 to respect or cherish with awe; venerate; honor.
revere2 variant of revers.