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rickety likely to fall over or fall apart; unsound; shaky. [4 definitions]
rickey a drink made of soda water, lime juice, sugar, and often gin.
rickrack a flat strip of zigzag braid or ribbon used as trimming on clothing, cloth furnishings, and the like.
rickshaw a small, two-wheeled vehicle that carries one or two passengers and is pulled by someone who walks, jogs, or cycles ahead.
ricochet to bounce or skip off a surface at an angle; rebound. [2 definitions]
ricotta a soft white cheese of Italian origin that is similar to but smoother than cottage cheese.
rictus a gape or continuous gaping, as of a bird or other animal. [2 definitions]
rid to clear or free from something undesirable (usu. fol. by "of").
ridable combined form of ride.
riddance the act or fact of becoming free of or delivered from a burdensome person or thing.
ridden full of, or overwhelmed or obsessed by (usu. used in combination). [2 definitions]
riddle1 a puzzling, tricky, and often amusing question, usu. with an ingenious answer, posed as a diversion or as a test of one's wits. [4 definitions]
riddle2 to pierce with a large number of holes.
ride to sit on the back of a horse or other animal and direct its movement. [16 definitions]
rideable combined form of ride.
ride cymbal a cymbal suspended above a set of drums, used esp. in playing jazz.
ride out to endure without much damage.
rider a person who rides a vehicle or an animal. [2 definitions]
riderless combined form of rider.
ride roughshod over to treat harshly or with brutal force.
ridership the people who use a particular form of public transit, or the number of such people.