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ride to sit on the back of a horse or other animal and direct its movement. [16 definitions]
rideable combined form of ride.
ride cymbal a cymbal suspended above a set of drums, used esp. in playing jazz.
ride out to endure without much damage.
rider a person who rides a vehicle or an animal. [2 definitions]
riderless combined form of rider.
ride roughshod over to treat harshly or with brutal force.
ridership the people who use a particular form of public transit, or the number of such people.
ridge a long, narrow, raised section, area, or edge, such as the top of a sloping roof or the crest of a hill. [5 definitions]
ridgepole the horizontal beam or timber along the top of a sloping roof. [2 definitions]
ridicule language or actions that make unkind fun of someone or something; mockery; derision. [2 definitions]
ridiculous causing or deserving ridicule; silly, absurd, or preposterous; laughable.
riding an act or instance of taking or having a ride, esp. on horseback. [3 definitions]
riding school a school providing instruction in horseback riding.
riel the chief monetary unit of Cambodia, equaling one hundred sen.
Riesling a dry or sweet aromatic white wine. [2 definitions]
rife common or frequent; widespread. [3 definitions]
riff a short melodic or rhythmic phrase, often repeated, esp. as an accompaniment for a jazz soloist.
riffle a shoal or shallow in a stream, or the ripples of water flowing over it. [5 definitions]
riffraff persons considered to be worthless or disreputable; rabble.
rifle1 a firearm with a long barrel having spiral grooves inside designed to increase the accuracy of a shot. [4 definitions]