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ringlet a curly lock of hair.
ringmaster one who directs performances in a ring, as at a circus.
ringneck a ring-necked animal such as a bird or reptile.
ring-necked having a ring or collar of distinctive color around the neck, as certain birds and snakes.
ring-necked duck a dark North American duck, the male of which has a faint, copper-colored ring around the neck.
ring-necked pheasant a widely distributed game bird native to Asia, the male of which has colorful plumage and a white ring around the neck.
ring off (chiefly British) to disconnect a telephone call by replacing the receiver; hang up.
Ring of the Nibelung in Germanic legend, the gold ring made by the leader of the Nibelung dwarfs.
ring ouzel a European thrush that has a white ring around its neck and on its breast.
ringside the area or seats closest to a ring, as at a boxing or wrestling match. [4 definitions]
ring toss a game similar to horseshoes in which rings made of rope, plastic, or the like are tossed from a specified distance in an effort to place them around short, upright posts fixed in the ground or on a board.
ring up to record or calculate (the price of a sale) on a cash register. [2 definitions]
ringworm any of several contagious skin diseases caused by fungi and producing scaly, itchy, ring-shaped patches on the skin.
rink a smooth surface of ice used for ice skating or ice hockey. [3 definitions]
rinse to dip or spray with water in order to remove soap or superficial dirt or food. [5 definitions]
Rio de Janeiro a seaport in southeastern Brazil; Rio.
Río de la Plata a South American river and estuary formed by the merging of the Uruguay River and the Paraná River and flowing along the border of Uruguay and Argentina and into the Atlantic Ocean.
Rioja any of various Spanish table wines, esp. a dry red wine, produced in northern Spain.
riot a violent public disturbance, usu. involving a large number of people. [7 definitions]
riot gun a small firearm, esp. a repeating shotgun with a short barrel, used to disperse or halt a crowd rather than to injure or kill.
riotous of or resembling a riot or public disturbance. [4 definitions]