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roadkill the remains of an animal killed by being struck by a car or other vehicle. [2 definitions]
roadless combined form of road.
road map a motorist's map that shows the routes, road types, mileage between towns, and the like for a specified region.
road racing automobile racing on a course of or resembling public roads.
roadrunner a ground-dwelling, swift North American cuckoo with a long tail, a crest, and streaked plumage.
roadshow a show performed by a touring theatrical company. [2 definitions]
roadside the side or edge of a road. [2 definitions]
roadstead an area of water close to shore, but less protected than a harbor, in which ships can anchor.
roadster an open automobile of earlier design, with a single seat for two or three passengers and either a large trunk or a rumble seat in the rear.
road test a test made on the road under normal driving conditions to assess the quality of a vehicle's performance, undertaken esp. by a prospective buyer or by a mechanic servicing a vehicle in need of repair. [2 definitions]
roadway the main part of a road, esp. that used by vehicles. [2 definitions]
roadwork long-distance running, usu. on an open road, for exercise, esp. in preparation for a boxing match.
roam to proceed or travel without a fixed course or destination; wander. [3 definitions]
roan having a dark coat thickly sprinkled with white (used esp. of horses). [3 definitions]
Roanoke Island an island off the coast of North Carolina, where colonists brought by Sir Walter Raleigh established the first English settlement in North America in 1585.
roar to utter a prolonged cry or shout that is both deep and loud. [8 definitions]
roast to cook or bake (meat) with dry heat, as in an oven or over an open fire. [12 definitions]
roaster a suitable pan, appliance, or other device for roasting meat. [3 definitions]
rob to steal money or property from unlawfully and with the use or threat of force. [4 definitions]
robber a person who steals by using or threatening to use force.
robber baron a feudal nobleman who robbed travelers passing through his domain. [2 definitions]