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roadshow a show performed by a touring theatrical company. [2 definitions]
roadside the side or edge of a road. [2 definitions]
roadstead an area of water close to shore, but less protected than a harbor, in which ships can anchor.
roadster an open automobile of earlier design, with a single seat for two or three passengers and either a large trunk or a rumble seat in the rear.
road test a test made on the road under normal driving conditions to assess the quality of a vehicle's performance, undertaken esp. by a prospective buyer or by a mechanic servicing a vehicle in need of repair. [2 definitions]
roadway the main part of a road, esp. that used by vehicles. [2 definitions]
roadwork long-distance running, usu. on an open road, for exercise, esp. in preparation for a boxing match.
roam to proceed or travel without a fixed course or destination; wander. [3 definitions]
roan having a dark coat thickly sprinkled with white (used esp. of horses). [3 definitions]
Roanoke Island an island off the coast of North Carolina, where colonists brought by Sir Walter Raleigh established the first English settlement in North America in 1585.
roar to utter a prolonged cry or shout that is both deep and loud. [8 definitions]
roast to cook or bake (meat) with dry heat, as in an oven or over an open fire. [12 definitions]
roaster a suitable pan, appliance, or other device for roasting meat. [3 definitions]
rob to steal money or property from unlawfully and with the use or threat of force. [4 definitions]
robber a person who steals by using or threatening to use force.
robber baron a feudal nobleman who robbed travelers passing through his domain. [2 definitions]
robber fly any of numerous related, swift, often large flies that prey on other insects.
robbery the act or practice or an instance of robbing, esp. with the threat or use of force.
robe a long, loose gown or outer garment, such as one worn by certain officials or during certain ceremonies. [4 definitions]
Robert Mugabe leader of Zimbabwe since 1980, born Robert Gabriel Mugabe (b.1924).
Roberto Clemente U.S. professional baseball player, the first Hispanic American to be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame; born Roberto Walker Clemente (b.1934--d.1972).