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robber fly any of numerous related, swift, often large flies that prey on other insects.
robbery the act or practice or an instance of robbing, esp. with the threat or use of force.
robe a long, loose gown or outer garment, such as one worn by certain officials or during certain ceremonies. [4 definitions]
Robert Mugabe leader of Zimbabwe since 1980, born Robert Gabriel Mugabe (b.1924).
Roberto Clemente U.S. professional baseball player, the first Hispanic American to be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame; born Roberto Walker Clemente (b.1934--d.1972).
Roberto Suro an American journalist and professor who specializes in Hispanic issues and immigration policy. Suro is the former director of the Pew Hispanic Center (b.1951).
robin a large North American songbird related to the thrush, with an orange-red breast, dark brown head and back, and a bright yellow bill. [2 definitions]
Robin Hood in English legend, an outlaw of the twelfth century who became famous for robbing the rich to help the poor.
robin's-egg blue a pale greenish blue color.
Robinson Crusoe in an eighteenth-century novel by Daniel Defoe, the title character, who is shipwrecked and survives for many years on a tropical island.
roble a tall California white oak with leathery leaves and narrow, pointed acorns. [2 definitions]
robot a mechanical device, esp. one controlled electronically, that can perform physical tasks of a human being, often used in industrial assembly or the like. [2 definitions]
robot bomb a jet-propelled, winged bomb or missile guided by an automatic steering device and carrying a warhead; buzz bomb; cruise missile.
robotics (used with a sing. verb) the technology of designing and using robots for various, usu. industrial tasks.
rob roy (sometimes caps.) a cocktail composed of Scotch whisky, sweet vermouth, and bitters.
rob the cradle to choose as a companion or mate someone much younger than oneself.
robust physically strong, healthy, and energetic. [6 definitions]
roc in Arabian mythology, a huge and powerful bird.
rocambole a European onion that resembles a lily and bears a cluster of small bulbs used like garlic.
Roche limit the lowest altitude at which a natural satellite can form and orbit a planet or the like without being disturbed by gravitational forces.
Rochelle salt a colorless, saltlike, crystalline compound used in silvering mirrors, in making baking powders, as a laxative, and in electronics.