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rocking chair a chair mounted on rockers or springs that rock back and forth; rocker.
rocking horse a toy horse mounted on springs or rockers that is large enough for a child to ride; hobbyhorse.
rock-'n'-roll a form of popular music derived from rhythm-and-blues, with a strongly accented beat and usu. played on electronically amplified instruments, esp. guitars; rock. [2 definitions]
rock-ribbed characterized by rocky ridges or outcroppings. [2 definitions]
rock salt common salt in solid form, occurring in large irregular rocklike masses; natural sodium chloride.
rockshaft a machine shaft that oscillates or rocks back and forth on its bearings instead of revolving.
rock squirrel a gray, black-headed ground squirrel found in the rocky regions of the western United States and Mexico.
rock star a performer of rock-'n'-roll music who has gained great popularity and fame; rock-'n'-roll star.
rock the boat (slang) to disrupt a balance or routine.
rockweed any of numerous related, coarse, brownish seaweeds that grow on rocks exposed at low tide.
rock wool see "mineral wool."
rocky1 having or full of rocks. [3 definitions]
rocky2 likely or tending to rock; shaky; unsteady. [3 definitions]
Rocky Mountain goat a goatlike antelope, found esp. in the mountains of northwestern North America, that has short, black, backward-curving horns and a shaggy white coat.
Rocky Mountains the principal North American mountain chain, stretching from Alaska to northern New Mexico; Rockies.
Rocky Mountain sheep see "bighorn."
Rocky Mountain spotted fever a disease caused by a microorganism carried to humans by certain North American ticks that is characterized by high fever, rash, and pain in the muscles and joints.
rococo a style of art, architecture, and decoration originating in France in the eighteenth century and marked by the use of intricate details, abundant ornamentation, and curving, asymmetric forms. [4 definitions]
rod a straight, thin, usu. round and inflexible stick, shaft, or bar. [7 definitions]
rode past tense of ride.
rodent any of various related four-footed mammals, such as mice, rabbits, and woodchucks, characterized by large, sharp front teeth used for gnawing and nibbling. [3 definitions]