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Ronald Reagan the 40th President of the United States (1981-1989) and 33rd Governor of California (1967-1975), who had an earlier career as a film actor and president of the Screen Actors Guild. President Reagan worked to end the Cold War and to improve U.S. relations with the Soviet Union; born Ronald Wilson Reagan (b.1911--d.2004).
rondeau a short lyrical poem of French origin that consists of three stanzas with an unrhymed opening phrase recurring as a refrain. [3 definitions]
rondel a short poem consisting of fourteen lines based on two rhymes, the opening couplet of which is repeated in the middle and at the end. [2 definitions]
rondo a musical work or movement, often the last movement of a sonata, in which the principal theme is repeated in the same key at least three times, with subordinate themes occurring between repetitions.
ronin a feudal Japanese soldier, no longer in the service of a lord but operating independently, often as a wandering bandit.
rood a crucifix, esp. a large one at the entrance of a church chancel. [3 definitions]
rood screen an ornamental screen or partition, usu. surmounted by a crucifix, that separates the choir or chancel from the nave of a church.
roof the surface or structure covering the top of a building. [3 definitions]
roofer a person who makes or repairs roofs.
roof garden a garden on the flat roof of an apartment house, hotel, or the like. [2 definitions]
roofing materials used for making a roof. [2 definitions]
roofless combined form of roof.
rooftop the roof of a building, esp. its upper surface.
rooftree a horizontal beam running the length of a roof at its peak; ridgepole.
rook1 a black European bird, related to and resembling the crow, that nests in treetops in flocks. [2 definitions]
rook2 a chess piece that can move over any number of empty squares sideways or forward and backward; castle.
rookery a breeding and nesting place for rooks.
rookie a beginner, esp. a professional athlete in his or her first season on a team. [2 definitions]
room space that is occupied or available for occupation. [6 definitions]
room and board lodging and meals, as provided by a boarding house, dormitory, or the like.
room clerk a hotel or motel clerk who registers guests at the front desk, sorts mail, provides information, and the like.