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room and board lodging and meals, as provided by a boarding house, dormitory, or the like.
room clerk a hotel or motel clerk who registers guests at the front desk, sorts mail, provides information, and the like.
roomer a person who lives in a rented room; lodger.
roomette a small private sleeping compartment on a train.
roomful the amount or number that a room can hold.
rooming house a small commercial establishment that rents furnished rooms, and sometimes provides meals, to lodgers.
roommate one who shares another's room or lodgings.
room temperature a comfortable indoor temperature or the temperature prevailing indoors without excessive heating or chilling.
roomy having ample room; large; spacious.
roost a perch on which birds, esp. domesticated fowl, rest or sleep, or a place or enclosure provided with such perches. [3 definitions]
rooster an adult male chicken or other fowl; cock.
root1 the part of a plant that usu. grows underground, absorbs water and nutrients, and attaches the plant to the soil. [10 definitions]
root2 to dig or turn over soil, often with the snout or nose, as a pig. [4 definitions]
root3 to cheer for or encourage a contestant or team. [2 definitions]
rootage a root system.
root around to rummage about, searching for something. [2 definitions]
root beer a carbonated soft drink made or flavored with extracts derived from the roots, barks, and leaves of certain plants.
root borer an insect or its larva that bores into plant roots.
root canal the pulp-filled tubular channel in the root of a tooth. [2 definitions]
root cellar an underground storage room for root crops and other vegetables.
root crop a crop, such as potatoes, beets, or carrots, that is grown for its edible roots.