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root canal the pulp-filled tubular channel in the root of a tooth. [2 definitions]
root cellar an underground storage room for root crops and other vegetables.
root crop a crop, such as potatoes, beets, or carrots, that is grown for its edible roots.
rooter1 a person, animal, or device that overturns earth by rooting.
rooter2 a person who actively supports, encourages, or cheers for a contestant or team. [2 definitions]
root hair a thin, hairlike, permeable outgrowth from a root that absorbs water and minerals from the soil.
rootless being without roots. [2 definitions]
rootlet a small root or branch of a root.
root mean square the square root of the arithmetic mean of the squares in a given set of numbers.
rootstock an underground, rootlike, usu. horizontal stem from which shoots grow upward and roots downward; rhizome. [2 definitions]
rooty having many roots. [2 definitions]
rope a strong, flexible, usu. thick and heavy line of twisted or braided hemp, nylon, or similar material. [8 definitions]
ropewalk a long narrow shed or building in which ropes are made. [2 definitions]
ropewalker one who walks or performs on a tightrope, esp. a paid entertainer; tightrope walker.
ropy like a rope or ropes. [2 definitions]
roque a variety of croquet played on a hard court surrounded by a raised rim or low wall.
Roquefort trademark for a strong cheese of sheep's or goat's milk, with veins of bluish mold.
roquet to knock (one's croquet ball) against another ball. [2 definitions]
rorqual any of a related group of whales, such as the blue whale, that have lengthwise grooves on the underside and a small, well-developed dorsal fin; finback.
Rorschach test a psychological test in which a profile of the patient is formed on the basis of the patient's subjective interpretation of standardized designs that resemble ink blots.
rosacea a chronic skin condition affecting the face that is characterized by redness, pimples, swelling, and dilation of blood vessels; acne rosacea.