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ruminant any of various cud-chewing cloven-hoofed quadrupeds, such as cattle, deer, or camels, that usu. have a stomach divided into three or four compartments. [3 definitions]
ruminate to think at length; meditate. [4 definitions]
rummage to make a quick, vigorous search. [5 definitions]
rummage sale a sale of miscellaneous new or used articles, usu. donated to raise funds for a charity, service organization, or the like.
rummy1 any of various card games for two or more players, in which the object is to form sets or sequences of cards.
rummy2 (slang) a drunkard.
rumor a piece of information or a story of unknown or uncertain origin, not confirmed by evidence, and usu. spread by word of mouth; hearsay. [2 definitions]
rumormonger a person who spreads rumors or gossip, often maliciously.
rumour a spelling of "rumor" used in Canada and Britain. See "rumor" for more information.
rump the hindquarters of an animal. [5 definitions]
rumple to wrinkle, crease, or muss (bed linens, clothing, or the like). [4 definitions]
rumpus a noisy disturbance; ruckus.
rumrunner (informal) a liquor smuggler, or a ship used for smuggling liquor.
run to propel oneself forward by moving the legs very quickly so that all feet are briefly off the ground. [36 definitions]
runabout a small, light vehicle, such as a roadster, motorboat, or light airplane. [2 definitions]
run across to encounter by chance.
run afoul of to become entangled with or come into conflict with.
run amok to be out of control in a violent manner.
run an errand to do what is necessary to complete a small chore or assignment, esp. outside of the home.
run around (informal) to go from place to place, often hurriedly. [2 definitions]
runaround an evasive response, usu. to a question or request. [2 definitions]