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run off to leave too early, or to leave quickly and suddenly. [3 definitions]
run-of-the-mill commonplace or mediocre; ordinary; unremarkable.
run-on of or designating that which is run on or appended, as in printing or printed matter. [3 definitions]
run-on sentence in writing, two or more sentences incorrectly constructed as one.
run out to use something to the point where there is nothing left even though it is still needed or desired (often fol. by "of"). [4 definitions]
run out of time to use up all the time that one has been given to complete a particular activity.
run over of a moving vehicle or a driver operating a moving vehicle, to hit and knock down (someone or something), causing serious injury or death. [2 definitions]
run riot to move, act, or grow without control.
runt an undersized or stunted animal, esp. the smallest of a litter, as of pigs or dogs. [2 definitions]
run the gauntlet to expose oneself to harsh criticism or attacks by multiple people, especially by being forced to proceed through two lines of attackers.
run-through a quick review or rehearsal of a sequence of actions, such as a play, musical performance, or dance.
run up to keep adding to something and cause it to become large. [2 definitions]
runway a smooth, level strip, usu. paved, on which aircraft take off and land; airstrip. [4 definitions]
run wild to grow unrestrained or unchecked. [2 definitions]
rupee the chief monetary unit of India, Nepal, and Pakistan, equaling one hundred paise. [3 definitions]
rupiah the chief monetary unit of Indonesia, equaling one hundred sen.
rupture the act or process of bursting, or the condition of being burst open or broken off. [6 definitions]
rural of the countryside or country life. [2 definitions]
rural delivery delivery of mail along rural routes, usu. to a roadside mailbox rather than to the door.
ruralism the quality or condition of being rural. [2 definitions]
ruralize to cause to become rural.