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russet a reddish or yellowish brown color. [4 definitions]
Russia a European and Asian country extending from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean; formerly the largest republic of the Soviet Union.
Russia leather a fine, smooth leather, usu. dyed dark red, that is used to bind books and the like.
Russian of or pertaining to Russia or its people, culture, language, or the like. [4 definitions]
Russian blue a type of house cat having a soft bluish coat and green eyes.
Russian dressing a salad dressing made of mayonnaise mixed with chili sauce, chopped pickles, and pimentos.
Russian Federation a European and Asian country extending from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean, formerly the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic; Russia.
Russianize to give a Russian appearance, sound, or character to; make Russian.
Russian Revolution the rebellion in Russia in 1917 that occurred in two stages, the first leading to the overthrow of the czarist government and establishment of a provisional government, and the second replacing this government with the Soviet government led by Lenin and the Bolsheviks.
Russian roulette a deadly game of chance in which each participant takes a turn at spinning the cylinder of a revolver that holds only one bullet, pointing it at his or her own head, and pulling the trigger. [2 definitions]
Russian wolfhound the borzoi.
rust the orange-red coating that forms on metal surfaces because of oxidation of the iron in their contents, by exposure to air and water. [6 definitions]
rustic of, occurring, or living in a rural area. [4 definitions]
rusticate to settle in the country and lead a rural life. [3 definitions]
rustle to make soft crackling sounds, as of dry surfaces rubbing gently against each other. [5 definitions]
rustler a person who rustles or steals livestock.
rustproof resistant or impervious to rust. [2 definitions]
rusty covered with or affected by rust; corroded; working or moving stiffly. [3 definitions]
rut1 a furrow or groove worn into the ground by something such as a wheeled vehicle. [3 definitions]
rut2 the periodic condition of sexual arousal in certain male animals, such as deer, during which they seek to mate. [2 definitions]
rutabaga a plant related to cabbage and turnips, with an edible, yellowish, bulbous root. [2 definitions]