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saccule a small pouch within an animal or plant, usu. containing a fluid. [2 definitions]
sacerdotal of, pertaining to, or functioning as a priest or as a mediator between God and humanity.
sacerdotalism the system or functions of priesthood, esp. based on the belief that priests mediate between man and God. [2 definitions]
sachem in some North American Indian cultures such as the Iroquois, the chief of a tribe or a member of the governing body of a confederation of tribes.
Sacher torte a dry chocolate cake topped with chocolate icing and filled with jam.
sachet a small bag or pouch filled with scented powder, dried flowers, or herbs, to be tucked into drawers or closets to impart fragrance to clothing.
sack1 a large bag, usu. made of coarsely woven material or thick paper, used for holding or transporting items in bulk, such as feed, gravel, potatoes, and the like. [7 definitions]
sack2 to rob of valuables after capturing; plunder; despoil. [3 definitions]
sack3 a light-colored dry sherry made in Spain or the Canary Islands.
sackbut a medieval wind instrument regarded as the predecessor of the trombone.
sackcloth a rough, coarsely woven material made of hemp, jute, flax, or the like, often used in making sacks. [2 definitions]
sack coat a loose-fitting jacket or coat with a straight back, as of a man's business suit.
sackful the amount a sack can or does hold.
sacking a coarse heavy cloth woven of hemp, jute, or the like, usu. used to make sacks.
sack out (slang) to go to sleep.
sack race a race in which each contestant has both legs confined in a sack and moves forward by jumping.
sacral1 of, pertaining to, or used for religious rites or observances.
sacral2 of, pertaining to, or near the sacrum.
sacrament in theology, a visible sign or symbol of God's grace conferred on humans, such as baptism. [4 definitions]
sacramental of, concerning, used in, or resembling a sacrament. [2 definitions]
sacramentalism the belief in the efficacy of the sacraments, or the belief in the sacraments as a necessity in obtaining salvation.