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sack out (slang) to go to sleep.
sack race a race in which each contestant has both legs confined in a sack and moves forward by jumping.
sacral1 of, pertaining to, or used for religious rites or observances.
sacral2 of, pertaining to, or near the sacrum.
sacrament in theology, a visible sign or symbol of God's grace conferred on humans, such as baptism. [4 definitions]
sacramental of, concerning, used in, or resembling a sacrament. [2 definitions]
sacramentalism the belief in the efficacy of the sacraments, or the belief in the sacraments as a necessity in obtaining salvation.
Sacramentarian one who believes that the Eucharist represents Jesus Christ only symbolically and is not an actual manifestation of his presence. [4 definitions]
sacramentary a book containing rites and prayers of the Mass, ordinations, and other liturgical matter.
Sacramento the capital of California.
sacred set apart for or dedicated to religious worship. [5 definitions]
sacred cow any person or entity regarded as immune from criticism or attack.
sacrifice the surrender of something valuable or beloved as an act of devotion or in exchange for some perceived higher good. [11 definitions]
sacrifice bunt in baseball, a bunt that puts a batter out but allows a runner to advance a base.
sacrifice fly in baseball, a fly ball that puts the batter out but enables a runner to score from third base.
sacrificial of, concerning, or given up as a sacrifice.
sacrilege the violation, profane treatment, or destruction of some place or thing that is considered to be sacred.
sacrilegious involving or being a violation, profanation, or destruction of something considered to be sacred. [2 definitions]
sacristan a religious official in charge of sacred objects or church property.
sacristy a room in a church where sacred objects and vestments are kept.
sacroiliac the sacrum bone and the ilium of the pelvis, along with their connective tissues. [2 definitions]