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safety glass glass made of two layers separated by a sheet of clear plastic or the like to prevent the glass from shattering into pieces.
safety lamp a miner's lamp that has a protective wire gauze around the flame to keep it from igniting gases present in a mine.
safety match a match designed to ignite only when scratched against a chemically treated friction surface.
safety net a large net suspended beneath circus aerialists in case of a fall. [2 definitions]
safety pin a pin doubled back on itself to form a clasp with a spring at one end and a protective sheath at the other that covers and holds the point.
safety razor a razor with a detachable blade inserted between guards on the holder that protect against accidental cuts.
safety valve a valve that opens automatically to reduce the pressure of confined gas or steam when a dangerously high level is reached. [2 definitions]
safety zone an area in a roadway from which vehicular traffic is excluded for the protection of pedestrians.
saffian leather a leather made of goatskin or sheepskin and dyed, usu. in bright colors.
safflower an herb of the daisy family that bears thistlelike heads of orange-red florets and seeds that yield oil for cooking. [2 definitions]
saffron a crocus plant that bears large purple or white flowers with brilliant yellow stigmas. [3 definitions]
safrole a colorless or pale yellow oil derived from sassafras oil, camphor wood, or the like, used in perfumes and medicines.
sag to sink, hang, or bend downward in the middle. [8 definitions]
saga a medieval Nordic or Icelandic prose narrative, esp. one describing the historical or legendary exploits of a single person or family. [2 definitions]
sagacious possessing or characterized by good judgment and common sense; wise.
sagacity the quality of having keen judgment and common sense; wisdom.
sagamore a lesser chief among the Algonquian Indians.
sage1 a person honored as very wise or experienced. [2 definitions]
sage2 one of a group of herbs of the mint family, grown as ornamentals or for the leaves, which are used as a food seasoning and for medicinal purposes. [3 definitions]
sagebrush one of a group of shrubs of the daisy family, native to dry areas in southwestern North America, that have aromatic silvery leaves.
sage grouse a large grouse of the western plains of North America.