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sake2 an alcoholic beverage of fermented rice, originating in Japan.
sal in pharmacy, salt.
salaam an obeisance, esp. a low, deferential bow performed with the right hand on the forehead. [3 definitions]
salable available or suitable for sale; easily sold.
salacious excited by lust; lecherous. [2 definitions]
salad any of various cold vegetable mixtures, usu. containing lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onions, and the like, and served with a dressing. [2 definitions]
salad bar a self-service counter in a restaurant or cafeteria offering a variety of salad ingredients and dressings.
salad days a time of youthful naiveté and inexperience.
salad dressing a combination of oil, vinegar, and spices or other ingredients, used as a sauce for salads.
salade niçoise (sometimes caps.) a salad consisting mainly of tuna, tomatoes, cooked green beans and potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, and often greens, usu. dressed with a garlic vinaigrette.
salamander any of a variety of small amphibians that have a long tail and moist scaleless skin, and that look like lizards.
salami a spicy, salty sausage, originally from Italy, that is usu. made with beef or pork.
sal ammoniac ammonium chloride.
salao (Spanish; slang) very unlucky (used in Central America and the Caribbean).
salaried receiving a salary. [2 definitions]
salary a fixed amount of money paid to someone regularly for work.
sale the act of exchanging goods for money. [3 definitions]
saleable variant of salable.
Salem the capital of Oregon. [2 definitions]
salep the starchy meal ground from the dried tubers of various orchids, used as food and, formerly, as a medicine.
saleratus sodium or potassium bicarbonate used in cooking and baking; baking soda.