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salt dome a domelike structure produced in geologic strata by the intrusion of salt, often indicative of oil or gas deposits.
salted flavored, seasoned, or treated with salt.
salt grass any of various grasses that grow in salt marshes or alkaline soil.
saltimbocca an Italian dish consisting of slices of rolled ham or veal seasoned, usu. with sage, and sautéed in butter.
saltine a crisp, usu. square salted cracker.
Salt Lake City the capital of Utah.
salt lick a natural deposit of salt that animals lick to obtain sodium.
salt marsh lowlands near and often flooded by sea water.
saltpeter a natural form of potassium nitrate that is used in the manufacture of gunpowder.
salt pork pork fat with little meat that is taken from the back, sides, or belly of a pig and cured in salt.
saltshaker a small, closed container with holes in the top, used for sprinkling table salt.
salt water water with naturally occurring salt in it, such as the water in an ocean. [2 definitions]
saltwater of, containing, or living in salt water.
saltworks (sometimes used with a sing. verb) a commercial establishment that manufactures salt.
saltwort any of several related plants native to Europe and Asia that grow on salty soil or beaches, esp. Russian thistle.
salty containing salt as a flavor. [2 definitions]
salubrious favorable to good health; healthy; wholesome.
salud health (Spanish); to your health (used as a toast before drinking).
Saluki any of a breed of tall, slender dog with a smooth, silky coat feathered on the legs and tail, and long, hanging ears.
salutary having or intended to have a beneficial effect. [2 definitions]
salutation a gesture or expression of greeting or courtesy, such as a handshake. [2 definitions]