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sand flea any of various small crustaceans that live on beaches and jump about like fleas. [2 definitions]
sand fly any of various small, tropical, bloodsucking flies, some of which transmit diseases to humans.
sand grouse any of various birds related to pigeons that are found in arid and semi-arid regions of Asia, Africa, and southern Europe.
sandhill crane a large, bluish gray crane of North America.
sandhog one who does excavation work in sandy, wet conditions, esp. a laborer working on the construction of an underwater tunnel.
sand hopper any of various small jumping crustaceans found on beaches; beach flea.
sandiness the quality or condition of being sandy.
Sandinista (sometimes l.c.) a member of the Marxist political party that seized power in Nicaragua in 1979.
S and L abbreviation of "savings and loan (association)," a bank, usu. owned by its depositors, that pays interest to them on their savings, which it uses for lending for a variety of purposes.
sand lance any of several small, slender marine fishes that burrow in the sand.
sand lily a small, stemless perennial with grasslike leaves and white, fragrant, star-shaped flowers.
sandlot an unoccupied, open lot suitable for use as an informal playing field.
sandlot baseball baseball played by amateurs in a vacant lot or field.
sandman in folklore and fairy tales, a person who makes children sleepy by sprinkling sand in their eyes.
sand myrtle a small evergreen shrub, related to heather, that grows in sandy areas of the southeastern United States and bears white flowers.
sand painting a ceremony performed by Navajo Indians in which multicolored sand is sprinkled to create various designs. [2 definitions]
sandpaper paper coated on one side with a coarse or fine abrasive compound, used to abrade or smooth surfaces. [2 definitions]
sandpiper any of numerous small, wading shore birds with long slender bills.
sandstone rock that is formed mostly of sand held together with a cementlike substance.
sandstorm a storm, esp. in the desert, with high winds that pick up sand and drive it through the air.
sand trap a golf course hazard consisting of a shallow pit partly filled with sand.