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sand wedge a special type of heavy golf club designed for making shots from sand traps.
sandwich sliced bread around a layer or layers of other food such as meat, cheese, or jelly. [3 definitions]
sandwort any of various low-growing white-flowered plants found in sandy areas.
sandy made of, containing, or resembling sand. [3 definitions]
Sandy Koufax U.S. professional baseball player known for his pitching for the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers from 1955 to 1966; born Sanford Koufax (b. 1935).
sane having a mind that is healthy and rational. [2 definitions]
Sanforize to treat (cloth or clothing) so as to be Sanforized.
Sanforized trademark indicating a patented process whereby garments are preshrunk so as to lessen or eliminate further shrinkage.
San Francisco a city of central California on a peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and a large bay.
sang past tense of sing.
sangaree an iced drink made of sweet, spiced wine or other liquor.
sang-froid cool composure; calmness.
sangha (Sanskrit) in Buddhism, a community of monks.
sangrķa a cold drink made from a mix of red wine, fruit juice, sugar, and soda water.
sanguinaria the bloodroot. [2 definitions]
sanguinary of a murderous nature or in a murderous state of mind; bloodthirsty. [2 definitions]
sanguine having an optimistic temperament or outlook. [3 definitions]
sanguineous of, pertaining to, or involving blood or bloodshed; bloody. [3 definitions]
Sanhedrin the highest court and legislative council for secular as well as sacred matters in ancient Judea.
sanicle any of various plants having long-stalked leaves and bearing clusters of small flowers.
sanitarium a hospital or resort where patients go to regain or improve their health.